THE Best is the new highest distinction that curates Excellence across various industries, proudly showcasing the pinnacle of the best professionals and establishments. From top-tier hotels to michelin-starred restaurants, blockbuster movies to influential personalities, luxury cars to award-winning games, gourmet food to serene spas, and trendsetting beauty & fashion brands - Our label spotlights the "Crème de la Crème" in each industry.


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Ai Pin

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Ai Pin
Best Technology 2023

The Ai Pin is an innovative, high-tech wearable device that offers a variety of interactive features. One of its most notable capabilities is the Laser Ink Display technology, which projects various menus and interactive experiences directly onto the user's hand, creating a dynamic and intuitive interface. This feature allows users to interact with their device in a novel and visually engaging way. Additionally, the Ai Pin is equipped with Ai Mic, a voice command system, enabling users to make inquiries, set reminders, and control the device hands-free with simple vocal commands.

Four Seasons - Firenze

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Four Seasons - Firenze
Best Hotels 2023

The Four Seasons - Firenze is an exquisite and luxurious hotel located in Florence, Italy. It boasts a serene and enchanting setting, being situated within the city's largest private garden, which provides a tranquil retreat from the bustling city life. The hotel is housed in a beautifully restored Medici palace, dating back to the 15th century, blending historical elegance with modern luxury. This palatial hotel embodies the rich history and artistic heritage of Florence, offering guests an experience steeped in culture and sophistication.


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Best Sportswear 2023

Vuori is an athleisure fashion brand that distinguishes itself by excelling in comfort, quality, style, and ethical manufacturing practices. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic and active Californian lifestyle, Vuori, based in Encinitas, California, presents a variety of products. Their collection encompasses sweatpants, joggers, sports bras, and a range of other performance wear, all designed to cater to an active and stylish lifestyle. This brand's commitment to ethical manufacturing adds an additional layer of appeal, resonating with consumers who are conscious about the origins and production processes of their clothing.


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Olay Super Serum
Best Beauty 2023

The Olay Super Serum is a skincare product offering five benefits: improved skin texture, more even skin tone, firmer feeling skin, visibly smoother lines, and long-lasting hydration. It is suitable for normal, oily, and dry/combination skin types and addresses concerns like visible pores, dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture, and dullness. Key ingredients include Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Vitamin C, Collagen Peptide, Vitamin E, and Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA).

Tableaux - Paris

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Tableaux - Paris
Best Food 2023

Tableaux Paris is a luxury Parisian caterer specializing in artistic and high-quality brunch and aperitif platters. They offer a unique experience by combining exceptional seasonal products with creative presentation. Their services cater to both private and professional events, with an emphasis on seasonal menus that change every three months. Tableaux Paris also emphasizes eco-responsibility, avoiding exotic imports and using recyclable packaging. They offer a variety of plans, including custom options, and are known for their attentive customer service.


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Best Candles 2023

Zougies is a French service offering monthly candle subscription boxes, blending renowned brands with local artisanal crafts from France. Their products feature 100% natural waxes, Grasse fragrances, and are cruelty-free and Made in France. Subscribers can choose from four plans, ranging from one to twelve months, each offering a new and unique candle valued at least 35 eur. Zougies emphasizes surprise, exclusivity, and flexibility, allowing customers to stop their subscriptions anytime. They also have an online store for previous box candles and original or personalized creations.

Karolina Skowerska

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Karolina Skowerska
Best Models 2023

Karolina Skowerska is a dynamic and creative individual, known for her engaging content focused on fashion and lifestyle. She has achieved significant recognition in the beauty pageant circuit, holding the title of Miss Poland. Her beauty and charisma led her to further success on an international stage, as she became a Top 15 finalist in the Miss Supertalent of the World competition in 2022.


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Mayfair Supper Club
Best Restaurants 2023

The Mayfair Supper Club at Bellagio Las Vegas is an exquisite fusion of contemporary style and classic American dining, presenting a unique experience where design, culinary expertise, and entertainment converge. This modern interpretation of a traditional supper club is set against the backdrop of the Iconic Bellagio fountains, offering a breathtaking view that enhances the overall ambiance.

Junk Burgers

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Junk Burgers
Best Burgers 2023

Junk Burgers offers a unique, minimalist approach to burgers, focusing on essential ingredients for maximum flavor. Their menu features a single, customizable burger, available in sizes from S to XXL, with one to five steaks, depending on your appetite. Options include adding jalapeno for a spicy kick and confit onions for a sweet-savory touch. This concept emphasizes the purest flavors and textures of bread, meat, cheese, and their secret house sauce.

hyundai ioniq 6

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Hyundai Ioniq 6
Best Cars 2023

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 marks a significant step in the evolution of electric vehicles, showcasing Hyundai's commitment to innovation and sustainability. This sleek sedan stands out with its futuristic design, characterized by a streamlined silhouette and aerodynamic efficiency, which not only contributes to its aesthetic appeal but also enhances its performance.


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Best Movies 2023

Written and directed by Christopher Nolan, the movie features Cillian Murphy in the role of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the American theoretical physicist known as the figure behind the development of the atomic bomb during World War II, specifically for his significant contributions to the Manhattan Project, responsible for creating the first nuclear weapons.

Gibroni's Pizza

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Gibroni's Pizza
Best Pizzas 2023

Gibroni's Pizza offers authentic Detroit-style pizzas, known for their thick, rectangular crust with a crispy exterior and soft, airy interior. The pizzas are baked in traditional Detroit-style pans, creating a unique caramelized cheese crust. The menu includes a variety of classic and inventive pizza flavors, complemented by salads and shareable pizza sticks. Gibroni's started as a home kitchen venture in 2020 and has grown into a local favorite, operating out of JD's Bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. THE Best — Direct Nomination

THE Best Direct Nomination process represents a meticulous and inclusive approach to identifying potential members. This process is characterized by several key steps:

Sourcing Candidates: The journey begins with the proactive sourcing of candidates. THE Best utilizes its extensive network and resources to seek out professionals and entities that potentially embody the ethos of Excellence and distinction that the label represents. This sourcing is not limited by geography or industry, allowing for a rich and varied pool of potential members.

Identification of Excellence: Once potential candidates are sourced, they are carefully identified for their standout achievements and contributions in their respective fields. This involves a detailed review of their accomplishments, reputation, and impact within their industry, ensuring that only those who truly represent the pinnacle of their profession are considered.

Scrutiny for Quality and Leadership: Following identification, each candidate undergoes rigorous scrutiny. This step is crucial to validate the quality, consistency, and leadership of the candidate in their respective field. It involves a thorough examination of their professional journey, achievements, and the broader influence they have had on their industry or community.

Nominating THE Best: The culmination of this process is the nomination of candidates by THE Best. This nomination signifies that the candidate has successfully passed through the stringent filters of sourcing, identification, and scrutiny, and is deemed worthy of being part of a Best group that represents Excellence across various industries.

Ensuring Diversity: Throughout this process, a key focus is placed on ensuring diversity among the candidates. This commitment to diversity encompasses not just industry and geography, but also includes various other dimensions such as cultural background, gender, and unique professional paths. This diversity enriches the membership pool and reflects the inclusive values of THE Best.

Through its Direct Nomination process, THE Best aims to curate a membership that is not only emblematic of the highest standards of professional Excellence but also representative of a broad spectrum of outstanding talent and achievement across the globe.

2. THE Best — Direct Application

Members may apply through a direct application process on the official website of THE Best (Starting 2024)

3. THE Best — Recommendation from Trusted Partners

Access Through Endorsements: Members can gain access to THE Best not solely through direct application or nomination but also via recommendations. These recommendations must come from trusted partners within THE Best extensive network of industry connections.

Trusted Partners Network: THE Best maintains a robust network comprising seasoned professionals, industry leaders, and organizations that are well-respected in their respective fields. These entities are recognized as 'trusted partners' due to their expertise, credibility, and standing within the industry.

Criteria for Endorsements: Endorsements from these trusted partners are based on their professional assessment of the candidate's qualifications, achievements, and suitability for membership in THE Best. The endorsement acts as a testament to the candidate's Excellence and potential value to the THE Best community.

Validation of Excellence: A recommendation from a trusted partner carries significant weight as it is seen as a validation of the candidate's professional stature and adherence to the standards of Excellence that THE Best upholds.

Building a Diverse Membership: This pathway aids in building a diverse and dynamic membership base, as it allows THE Best to tap into a wide range of industries and sectors, bringing in members who have been recognized by their peers and industry leaders.

1. THE Best — Selection Criteria

THE Best label criteria are designed to uphold the highest standards of Excellence and leadership within various industries. This set of stringent criteria ensures that only the most deserving candidates are granted membership, reflecting the label's commitment to curating a distinguished and Elite group. The criteria include:

Exceptional Quality: Candidates must demonstrate a consistent record of exceptional quality in their work, products, or services. This involves not just meeting but surpassing industry standards, showcasing innovation, and maintaining a high level of professionalism and Excellence in all aspects of their work.

Proven Leadership: Leadership is a key criterion, where candidates should have a proven track record of leading their field or industry. This can be demonstrated through pioneering new approaches, significantly influencing industry trends, or having a substantial positive impact on their professional community.

Industry Recognition: Candidates should be recognized by their peers and industry experts for their achievements and contributions. This could be through awards, accolades, or significant endorsements from respected entities within their industry.

Ethical Standards and Integrity: Membership candidates must adhere to the highest ethical standards and exhibit integrity in their professional conduct. This includes being compliant with industry regulations, demonstrating fairness and honesty in business practices, and maintaining a strong professional reputation.

Contribution to Industry Development: Candidates are expected to contribute meaningfully to the development and advancement of their industry. This can be through innovative practices, research and development, mentoring emerging talents, or actively participating in industry forums and discussions.

Sustained Excellence: Candidates must not only have reached a peak in their careers but also sustained that level of Excellence over time. This longevity of high performance is crucial to ensuring that members are not only successful but consistently so.

Global or Regional Impact: Candidates should have made a significant impact either globally or within their specific region. This impact is measured in terms of the influence on their industry, contributions to economic growth, or setting benchmarks that others in the industry aspire to.

Commitment to Continued Growth: Members should demonstrate a commitment to ongoing professional development and growth. This could involve continuous learning, adapting to industry changes, and striving for innovation and improvement.

By adhering to these rigorous criteria, THE Best label ensures that its membership remains exclusive to those who truly embody Excellence and leadership in their respective industries, thereby maintaining the prestige and integrity of the label.

2. THE Best — Selection Process

THE Best selection process is a comprehensive and inclusive method designed to identify and recognize Excellence across a wide range of industries. Our selecction process is structured as follows:

Broad Industry and Regional Coverage: The selection encompasses over 50 distinct industries, each represented by its specific panel. These industries are further segmented by regions around the world, ensuring a global scope and recognition of diverse Excellence.

THE Best Academy: The core of the selection process is managed by THE Best Academy, which consists of international industry experts. These experts are responsible for assessing and voting on the candidates for membership.

Gender Balanced Panels: Each panel within THE Best Academy maintains a 50/50 gender balance. This approach ensures a fair and diverse perspective in the selection process, promoting equality and inclusivity.

Industry-Specific Voting Panels: For each of the 50+ industries, there is a dedicated voting panel composed of members who are experts in that particular field. These panels are responsible for evaluating candidates within their industry, ensuring that the assessment is made by individuals with relevant expertise.

Chairperson Leadership: Each industry panel is headed by a chairperson. This individual plays a pivotal role in leading the panel, organizing the voting process, and ensuring that the selection criteria are rigorously adhered to.

Application Assessment: Applications from candidates who are passionate about Excellence in their respective fields are thoroughly reviewed by the relevant industry panels. The evaluation is based on predefined criteria that reflect the standards of Excellence and leadership in each industry.

Voting and Final Selection: The final selection of members is determined through a voting process within each industry panel. The collective decision of these panels reflects a balanced and expert judgement, culminating in the creation of a list that showcases the pinnacle of professionals and establishments in various industries.

This selection process is integral to maintaining the high standard and prestige associated with THE Best label, ensuring that only the most outstanding professionals and entities are accorded this distinguished membership.

3. THE Best — Academy

Final decisions on membership are made by an esteemed panel of industry experts with profound experience.

1. THE Best — Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition aspect of THE Best membership offers a unique and prestigious acknowledgment for members' businesses, brands, or products. This recognition is characterized by several key features:

Exclusive Designation as "THE Best": Members are granted the right to brandish their businesses, brands, or products with the coveted designation of "THE Best" in their respective industries. This exclusive title is a testament to their exceptional quality, leadership, and standing in their field.

Showcasing Excellence: The recognition involves showcasing the member's business, brand, or product in various mediums and platforms associated with THE Best. This could include features in publications, digital platforms, or at events, providing members with heightened visibility among an Elite audience.

Industry-Specific Vignettes: Accompanying the "THE Best" designation are industry-specific vignettes. These are tailored graphical or textual elements that highlight the unique aspects and achievements of the member within their specific industry. These vignettes serve as a visual testament to the member's Excellence and specialization.

Marketing and Promotional Support: Members receive support in marketing their newly acquired status as part of "THE Best." This support helps members in effectively communicating their Excellence and leadership to their target audience, enhancing their market presence and brand value.

Enhanced Credibility and Prestige: Being showcased as "THE Best" significantly enhances the credibility and prestige of the member's brand. This recognition acts as an endorsement of quality and Excellence, potentially leading to increased customer trust and business opportunities.

Association with THE Best Group: Members gain the advantage of being associated with an Elite group of professionals and entities that have met the stringent criteria of "THE Best." This association can foster networking opportunities, collaborations, and a sense of pride in being part of a select group of top-tier industry leaders.

Opportunity for Storytelling: The brand recognition also offers an opportunity for storytelling, where members can share their journey to achieving "THE Best" status. This can be a powerful tool in building a narrative around their brand, deepening customer engagement and loyalty.

Overall, THE Best Brand Recognition provides members with a distinctive platform to amplify their brand's visibility, prestige, and distinction in their respective industries, setting them apart as leaders and exemplars of Excellence.

2. Best App — Showcase Your Products

THE Best Members receive a digital visibility boost on our Best social media platform.

This increased visibility benefit offered to members of THE Best is a significant feature that enhances their digital presence, primarily through the "Best" app, a highly innovative and influential social media platform. Key aspects of this benefit include:

Digital Boost on Best App: Members receive a substantial digital boost through the "Best" app. This boost is designed to significantly amplify the online presence of the member's brand, product, or service, making it more visible to a wider audience.

Highly Innovative Platform: The "Best" app is recognized as one of the 20 most innovative apps in the social media landscape. Its cutting-edge features and user-friendly interface make it an ideal platform for members to showcase their Excellence.

Large and Engaged User Base: With millions of user votes, the "Best" app boasts a large and active user community. This provides members with access to a substantial audience, enhancing their brand's exposure and reach.

Social Commerce Stage: The app serves as a stage for social commerce, blending social media engagement with e-commerce opportunities. Members can leverage this platform to not only showcase their achievements and products but also directly drive sales.

Amplifying Sales: The increased visibility on the "Best" app can directly contribute to amplifying sales for members. By reaching a broader audience, members have the opportunity to convert digital engagement into tangible business growth.

Fortifying Reputation: The visibility on this platform also aids in fortifying the reputation of members. Being featured on a renowned and innovative app like "Best" adds an extra layer of credibility and prestige to their brand.

Targeted Exposure: The digital boost provided is not just about broad exposure; it's also about targeted visibility. The "Best" app's sophisticated algorithms ensure that members' brands are showcased to the most relevant and interested audience segments.

Interactive Engagement: The platform allows for interactive engagement with users, enabling members to receive feedback, participate in conversations, and build a community around their brand. This interactive aspect is crucial for brand building in the digital age.

In summary, the Increased Visibility benefit through the "Best" app offers members of THE Best a dynamic and impactful way to enhance their digital footprint, engage with a vast audience, and drive both sales and reputation in their respective industries.

3. THE Best Revue — Promotional Newsletter

Members can participate in THE Best Revue (newsletter) to promote special offers and gain new customers from THE Best members and our revue subscribers.

THE Best Revue newsletter provides a multifaceted approach to marketing and promotion, allowing members to expand their customer base and enhance their market presence. Key features of these promotional opportunities include:

Access to THE Best Revue: Members are given the opportunity to feature in "THE Best Revue, " which is a curated showcase within the labelís ecosystem. This newsletter is specifically designed to highlight member offerings, special promotions, and unique aspects of their businesses, brands, or services.

Promotion of Special Offers: Members can use this newsletter to promote special offers, exclusive deals, or unique experiences related to their business. This could range from discounts, limited-time offers, exclusive packages, to bespoke services, providing a direct incentive for engagement and purchase.

Targeted Audience Reach: "THE Best" Revue reaches a targeted audience comprising other members of THE Best as well as a broader subscriber base. This audience is already primed for high-quality, exclusive offerings, making it an ideal demographic for members to engage with.

New Customer Acquisition: By showcasing their offerings on this digital revue, members have the potential to attract new customers. These customers are likely to be high-value due to their interest in the exclusive and premium nature of THE Best membership circle.

Enhanced Brand Visibility: Participation in "THE Best" Revue significantly enhances a member's brand visibility. Being featured in this prestigious showcase serves as an endorsement of quality and exclusivity, elevating the member's brand perception among a discerning audience.

Networking with Elite Members: This promotional opportunity also serves as a networking platform. Members get to promote their offerings to other Elite members of "THE Best, " fostering potential collaborations, partnerships, or business-to-business opportunities.

Marketing and Editorial Support: Members receive marketing and editorial support to effectively craft and present their promotional content. This ensures that the offerings are communicated in a compelling and engaging manner, maximizing impact and audience response.

Regular Updates and Engagement: Members have the opportunity to update and refresh their promotions on "THE Best Revue, " keeping the content dynamic and engaging, and maintaining ongoing interest and engagement from the audience.

4. THE Best — "Best in Business" Social Media Exposure

This "Best in Business" exposure provides members with the opportunity to leverage their brand on social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn, to enhance their business visibility and customer outreach. Here are the key components of this "Best in Business" exposure:

LinkedIn Exposure with Extensive Entrepreneur Network: Members can access our business network of over 25, 000 direct connections including Entrepreneurs and Business Investors on LinkedIn. This exposure could significantly increase the visibility of a member's business to a broad professional audience.

Inclusion in Best LinkedIn Groups: Members can engage with a large business community over 1 million members through our Best LinkedIn groups. This provides a platform for interactive engagement, networking, and potential business opportunities within a large, diverse professional community.

Featured in Best in Business LinkedIn Newsletter: Members have the opportunity to be featured in the "Best in Business" LinkedIn Newsletter. This allows for targeted promotion of their products or services, reaching a dedicated audience interested in business Excellence.

Best in Business Livestream Presentation: Members will have the opportunity to organize a livestream with THE Best team members. This allows members to present their best products and services in a live, interactive format. The livestream can include demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and detailed discussions about the best features and benefits of their offerings.

Interactive and Real-Time Feedback: The live nature of these presentations allows for real-time interaction with viewers. Members can receive immediate feedback, answer questions, and engage directly with their audience, fostering a sense of community and customer loyalty.

Recording and Post-Livestream Promotion: After the livestream, the recorded video can be used for further promotional activities. It can be shared across various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Youtube, Tiktok, Reels and incorporated into newsletters, thereby extending the reach and lifespan of the content.

Through these social media posts, newsletters, livestream and videos members can promote their best products and services, potentially gaining new customers and expanding their market reach.

Membership in THE Best offers a suite of exclusive privileges that are tailored to provide an Elite experience, aligning with the exceptional nature of the experiences and brands endorsed by THE Best. These privileges encompass various aspects of luxury, business, and networking, offering members unparalleled advantages:

Elite Recognition and Upgrade Services: Members receive Elite recognition in various settings, particularly in luxury hotels, where they are entitled to upgraded services. This might include room upgrades, exclusive access to amenities, or special treatment that enhances their stay.

Exclusive and Priority Access: Members are granted exclusive and priority access to high-demand venues and events. This includes sought-after restaurants, concerts, and other cultural or entertainment events, ensuring members can enjoy these experiences without the usual constraints of availability.

Discounted Offers from Various Brands: Members benefit from an array of discounted offers from partners in beauty, fashion, technology, and other sectors. These offers allow members to enjoy premium products and services at preferential rates.

Preferential Rates and Rewarding Experiences: Apart from discounts, members also enjoy preferential rates on services and experiences that are tailored to their lifestyle. These experiences are not only rewarding but also curated to match the high standards of THE Best members.

Member-Exclusive Events: Members have access to exclusive events that are not open to the general public. These events range from galas and conferences to private viewings and showcases, providing unique experiences and networking opportunities.

Curated Networking Connections: One of the key benefits is the access to a network of like-minded individuals and professionals. Members can connect with other members, facilitating opportunities for collaboration, business development, or social interaction.

Access to Digital Content and Videos: Membership includes access to a wealth of digital content and videos. This content is often exclusive, providing insights, information, and entertainment that align with the interests and preferences of the members.

Subscription to Members' Revue: Members are encouraged to subscribe to THE Best members' revue, available at This subscription offers additional content, updates, and exclusive offers tailored to the members.

These privileges ensure that membership in THE Best is not just a label, but a comprehensive lifestyle enhancement, offering a range of benefits for its members.